Jesus Provides and Heals!

Asian Christian Charismatic Fellowship

How would like to walk on and pass through thick walls without getting hurt? Someday, you can do these with ease when you’ve gotten a resurrected body!

Did you know that without the RESURRECTION from the dead of Jesus Christ there is no hope for this world – that includes you and me?
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Most of us want to control our own lives, isn’t it?

Have you ever thought that your life here on earth (even if it lasts for 100 years) is just a Micro DOT while your eternal life somewhere is an Infinite LINE? It’s very important for us to have proper perspective and focus in life, right?
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Worship Service

ACCF Cubao


7:30am (Prayer and Small Group)

9am - 11am (Worship Service)


4th flr., Cinema 1, Ali Mall, Cubao, Quezon City

For Details call us@

(02) 911-7386

Come and be Blessed!

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