YOM KIPPUR: The Key to Our Eternal Destiny – HEAVEN or HELL (1,059 words)


At exactly 2 P.M., on October 6, 1973, while the Israelis were worshipping the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – the LORD of the Bible – in their synagogues during their most holy day and commemorating YOM KIPPUR (The Day of Atonement or Covering), the Russian-equipped, mechanized and modern armies of Syria in the north and the armies of Egypt in the south mounted a surprise, massive and treacherous attack (both land and air) on Israel. Then, the armies of Jordan in the east joined in the foray. This 3-pronged simultaneous Arab aggression on the tiny democratic State of Israel has just one common goal: To obliterate Israel in the world’s map and annihilate all Israelis by drowning the last Jew in the Mediterranean Sea.
However, after a few weeks of defensive stance, on their own or without any help from other countries, Israel’s army made a daring counter attack, trapping the Egyptian Third Army in the Sinai Peninsula as a “sitting duck”. And when Israel’s army were poised at a striking distance to both Damascus, Syria and Cairo, Egypt – 2 major Arab capital cities – communist Russia, the benefactor of Arab countries, sued for a ceasefire. Despite great loss in lives and property, Israel’s army emerged victorious while the much bigger invading Arab armies were again put to shame. This is now known as the YOM KIPPUR War, another classic David versus Goliath confrontation. A MIRACLE!

(NOTE: As an aftermath, Israel absorbed all the Jewish war refugees forced to evacuate from many Arab countries leaving their assets. But the Arabs didn’t lift a finger to help the Arab war refugees who voluntarily left Israel bringing with them their assets; instead they made them pawns, being supported by UN dole-outs and branded them as Palestinians. Likewise, as a result of their humiliation in the YOM KIPPUR War, the Arabs learned a bitter lesson: They can’t defeat Israel militarily. So, they devised a different strategy based on the dictum, “Economic power is political power.” Binding themselves as OPEC, the Arabs resorted to oil embargo – drastically cutting world’s supply while raising the price of oil at an exorbitant level – which ruined the economy of many countries while amassing tremendous wealth for the Arabs. Could this be a prelude to the Bible’s forthcoming prophecy on the Gog and Magog War as described in Ezekiel 38-39?)


But what is YOM KIPPUR all about? Does it really concern you and me? Read on, you’ve much to gain. YOM KIPPUR is the essence of the Old Testament/Covenant of the Bible and it’s all about GOD’s mercy for the Israelis – the removal, payment and covering of all their sins (atonement) for one (1 ) year – by FAITH through:
• A Scapegoat – a young goat, without blemish and defect, is chosen and sent into the desert to transfer and take away all the Israelis’ sins for 1 year. (GOD is Holy – He hates sin.);

• A Sacrificial Goat – a young goat, also without blemish and defect, is sacrificed as a sinless substitute – its blood is shed as payment for and is sprinkled on the top of the Ark of Covenant in order to cover all Israelis’ sins for 1 year. Here, GOD looks only at the sinless substitute, not on the sins of the Israelis. (GOD is Just – He punishes sin.); and

• The High Priest – He is the only one who can perform the above sacrifices, but only once a year. And when the High Priest come out alive from the Holy of Holies of the Temple after making the blood sacrifice, this is the only proof that GOD accepted the sacrifice for and in behalf of all Israelis. (GOD is Love – He loves sinners.) (Leviticus 16: 1-34, 23: 26-32).

(Please note that the Jewish Temple was destroyed by the armies of General Titus of Rome in 70 A.D. Thus, the Israelis can no longer perform the YOM KIPPUR, so they just commemorate this event yearly, as their holiest day, in their synagogues. Since GOD is Faithful and True to His Word/promises, the Israelis are still the apple of His eye, now and beyond.)


So what? Who cares? Did you know that 2,000 years ago or in 32 A.D., Jesus Christ performed and literally fulfilled the final YOM KIPPUR, not only for the Israelis or Jews, but also for ALL people of the world – you and me? (John 1: 29). And did you also know that Jesus Christ’s YOM KIPPUR does not only cover (totally remove and fully pay) your sins for 1 year, but ALL of your sins – from birth to death? (Hebrews 4: 14-16, 10: 5-18). This once-and-for-all blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ – The Final Sinless Substitute and High Priest – which GOD accepted when Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead, is the essence of the New Testament/Covenant of the Bible. Indeed, it’s a better Agreement /Contract between God and us that you and I must know, understand and heed in order to become a true BELIEVER!

And your Priority will dictate your Choice.


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