2. WHERE WILL YOU BE FOREVER? (Saan ka ba mabubuhay sa habang panahon?)

Did you know that death is an equalizer for all people – inescapable, inevitable and irreversible?

Jesus Christ taught us that there’s life after death. (Please read the story of the rich man who went to Hell and Lazarus who went to Paradise/Heaven after they died in Luke 16: 19-31 of the Bible.)

And Jesus proved Himself by being crucified, dying, resurrecting from the dead, and then ascending back to Heaven.

Since Jesus’ teaching is true, this simply means that there’s life for you and me after we die, right?

Therefore, the crucial question is not “WHEN will we die?”, but “WHERE will we be after we die?” isn’t it?

So, where would you be forever? And why?

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