God is love and holy. God created us out of love. But, we all sinned against God. Thus, we are separated from Him. (Romans 3: 23).
However, again, out of His love, God is offering a Way for us to be reconciled with Him. Then, you and I could have fellowship of love with Him in Heaven someday, for all eternity. Great, isn’t it?

And God’s Way for us to get to Heaven is written in His Book: the Bible. (John 14: 6). That is, God is offering each one of us a Savior – Being our Sinless Substirute, He is the One who will remove and pay in full the penalty of all our sins and afterward, He will make us holy and righteous in God’s sight.

A. If the Old Covenant of the Bible (39 Books) can be expressed in 1 sentence, it would thus be: YOUR SAVIOR IS COMING: THE MESSIAH.
B. And if the New Covenant of the Bible (27 Books) can also be expressed in 1 sentence, it would thus be: YOUR SAVIOR HAS COME: JESUS.
C. Thus, the whole Bible when expressed in 1 sentence could be: JESUS IS THE MESSIAH (Christ or Anointed One) – YOUR SAVIOR.
Did you know that the meaning of the word “JESUS” is, “God saves” or “God is my Savior”?
And MESSIAH is Jesus’ Title or Position which means, “He is The Christ, The Annointed One, or The Prophet, The High Priest and The Divine King in one Person. As Messiah, Jesus, the King of Kings will judge all the living and the dead”. (Acts 10: 42).

In sum, God saves (JESUS) you and me througjh His Annointed Prophet, High Priest and Divine King (MESSIAH or CHRIST).
So, after knowing what the Bible is all about and the meanings of the words “Jesus” and “Christ”, Who is Jesus Christ to you?
This is the most crucial Question of your life which you must answer before you die. Why? Because your answer will determine your ultimate eternal Destiny: HEAVEN with GOD or HELL with SATAN.
REMEMBER: Only Jesus Christ could pronounce or sentence you, “NOT GUILTY!”, for all your sins, come Judgment Day? (Romans 3: 22-24, John 3: 16-18, Revelation 20: 11-15).

So, right now, is Jesus Christ your Savior who will bring you to Heaven or is He your Judge who will condemn you to the Lake of Fire? (Revelation 20: 7-15).

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