A. Introduction
1. The Circumstance – If the whole Old Testament of the Bible can be summarized in 1 word as MESSIAH, and the whole New Testament can be summarized in
1 word as JESUS, therefore the whole Bible can be summarized in 1 sentence as JESUS IS THE MESSIAH.
What does the Bible summary, “Jesus is the Messiah “, means and what is its eternal implication for you and me?
All-knowing, All-powerrful, Eternal God created the universe, the earth and man out of love. But man chose to sin or rebel against Holy God. Thus, the fellowship of love between God and man was broken.
2. The Problem – So, how would God restore His fellowship of love with man? Or, how could the sins of man be taken away and their penalty paid for in full, so that man can be declared as righteous and holy in God’s sight? No man can do or solve these.
3. The Solution – God decreed that Yahweh will become God the Father while His Word will become Man or God the Son named Jesus.
It is interesting to note that JESUS means God saves, while MESSIAH (or Christ) means God’s Annointed Prophet, High Priest and Divine King in 1 Person.
In sum therefore, the Bible message for you and me is: God saves (JESUS) you and me through His Prophet, High Priest and Divine King (MESSIAH).
B. How did Jesus save you and me?
* Jesus’ First Coming as SAVIOR
1. As The Prophet – or God’s representative to man.
a. Jesus told us that the will of God is for us to believe in Him – the One God sent. (John 3: 6, 16-18)
b. Jesus also told us to love God and to love others – as He loves us.
c. And Jesus told us that he is the Truth, the only Way to Father God in Heaven and He is the Giver of eternal Life. (John 14: 6).
2. As The High Priest – or Man’s representative to God offering the final sacrifice for the atonement of sins
a. Scapegoat – Jesus lived a sinless life – a life you and I should have live. As our Sinless Substitute, Jesus is the Lamb of God who took away the sins of the world.
b. Sacrificial goat – Likewise, as our Sinless Substitute who was sacrificed, Jesus died, once and for all, to fully pay the penalty of all the sins of anyone who believes. Jesus paid a debt/sin He did not owe, a debt/sin we can never pay – all because of His love for you and me.
c. High Priest – Jesus sacrificed His own body for us. And as proof that Father God accepted the Jesus’ blood sacrifice for us, Jesus resurrected from the dead or came out alive after making the sacrifice. This also means that Jesus is the perpetual High Priest of all Believers, and He will resurrect all people someday.
* Jesus’ Second Coming as JUDGE
3. As The Divine King – or The King of Kings who will judge all the living and the dead.
a. Jesus will come in the air, translate living Believers, resurrect dead Believers, ,bring them all to Heaven – each with glorified body, soul and spirit – and He will reward each one for her/his good works.
b. Jesus will come again and will touch down near Bethany in Israel to save believing Israelis from anihilation by the forces of the Antichrist and He will reign as King of Kings of the world in Jerusalem.
c. Jesus will resurrect all Unbelievers, judge them for their outstanding sins and unbelief, and consign them all to the Lake of Fire – together with Satan and the fallen angels – forever and ever. (Revelation 20: 7-15).
C. What’s in it for you
1. Jesus Christ declared Himself as GOD, “I AM the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” (Revelation 22: 13).
As such, Jesus Christ – as God-Man – is the Judge of all mankind. (John 5: 22-23).
2. Now, have you repented from your sins and believed in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord (God-Savior) who will surely bring you to Heaven someday, forever?
If so, then Jesus Christ would not be your God-Judge. For Jesus Christ is the One who will judge and consign all Unbelievers for their sins in the Lake of Fire forever. (Revelation 20: 11-15).
3. If not yet, while you still have the luxury of time, why not do it now, so that Heaven with God can surely (100%) be your ultimate eternal Destiny?
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