When you were young, were you amazed at the Brontosaurus? It’s fake!

Suppose you were able to dig a fossil deposit of plants and animals:

1. When you say, “These plants and animals are buried together.”, you’re doing observational science – the true science.

2. Then you say, “These plants and animals died together.” Now, you’re doing historical science – a belief – because you were not there when the event occurred.

3. Finally, you declared, “These plants and animals lived together.” Here you’re doing historical science again because you did not see this happened. Finally, using some bones, you construct a weird animal. This means, you’ve got a fertile imagination!

Since no man was present to record, Evolution (whether Biological – from molecule to man, Cosmological – Big Bang Theory/ the origin of the universe or Geological – fossils existence over millions of years) is not observed, but it is believed. Thus, Evolution is not science, but a matter of faith in man’s imagination.

Going back to the picture of the Brontosaurus, did you know that it’s just an imagination because it never existed? Why? Because scientists discovered that they put a wrong fossil head on the wrong fossil body. It’s fake!

While fossil bones testify to the past existence of big animals, scientists have not made accurate representations on them when a few bones are just the only available materials. You see, fossil bones do not have pictures attached (to show how the actual animals look like) nor labels that indicate the birthdays of the animals.

Using the Linnaean classification system and Haeckel’s embryonic stages of growth of various animals (which is now discredited because the drawings were doctored or are fake), scientists then assumed that the hierarchies of animal life should always follow or move from simple to complex, from protozoa to man. And so with further imagination, they came up with the “geologic time scale” covering 12 periods from Precambrian (Age of Protozoa?) to Pleistocene (Age of Man?).

This time scale that is supposed to represent the 100 miles “standard geological column” – the vertical cross section of sedimentary rocks and fossils found on the earth’s crust. But, did you know that the “standard geological column” was arbitrarily constructed by evolutionist scientists even before radiometric carbon dating and related methods of estimating ages of things were invented? In fact, this geologic time scale was made even before many fossils were discovered.

And mind you, now, the geologic age of rocks is primarily determined by the fossils it contains meaning, based on the arbitrary or imaginary “geologic time scale”. It’s all man’s fertile imagination!

Supposedly, buried deep in this column are the protozoa, the lowest form of animals and buried on the column’s top are the human beings, the highest form of living things. The fact is, nowhere in the real whole world can we actually see this “standard geological column”; it’s hypothetical and it only exists in the science textbooks being taught to students as “true”.

To date, we can only find local columns which average 1 mile in thickness, situated in most of the earth.

The existence of mile-deep fossil graveyards in most parts of the world indicates rapid burial of the animals, followed by rapid compaction of the sediments that encased them. This points to Catastrophism rather than Evolution.

1. Of the billions of fossils found in the mile-deep graveyards around the world, there are no transitional forms (or missing links) from one specie to another.

2. The protozoa – where evolution is suppose to have began – is still a protozoa up to now. No change.

3. Instead of evolving to higher forms, many animals (like elephants, tigers, bears, wolves, and others) degenerate when compared to their fossil records.

4. Fossil fish beds extending for miles and containing billions of fish, beds of shells and other remains marine invertebrates are found practically everywhere (Scotland, New York, California, etc.). No fossils like these are being formed today anywhere. So, how come there are billions of fish fossils on dry land, even on mountain tops?

5. Fossils of elephants (mammoths), camels, horses, rhinoceros, and more have been found in Alaska and Siberia – places that would be incapable of supporting these tropical animals today.

6. Deep canyons (like the Grand Canyon in the USA) could not have been formed by the present rivers or the current volumes of water flowing through them.

7. Radiocarbon dating method is not an exact science. A freshly killed seal radiocarbon-dated showed it has died 1,300 years ago. Likewise, living snails’ shells showed they had died 27,000 years ago!

Therefore, the fossil deposits all over the world do not represent the evolution of life over a long, long period of time. But rather, these solid and present evidences clearly point to the destruction of life in a rapid, contemporaneous and catastrophic manner – the worldwide Flood (during the time of Noah or about 4,500 years ago as recorded in the Bible).

The worldwide catastrophic Flood presents a good framework and better explanations for the mile-deep fossils, deep canyons, Ice Age, high mountain peaks, deep ocean beds, saline lakes, and other geological phenomena than the THEORY OF GEOLOGICAL EVOLUTION.

Finally, if people have been here on earth for a million years or so, then there will be a great number of people now. And the earth will not be able to sustain this huge population. However, given an earth’s population of around 7 billion people and a doubling interval of 142 years (which is very reasonable and quite conservative), this will bring us to Noah and his wife 4,500 years ago – the Flood. (Genesis 6-8).

In sum, at its core, Evolution (biological, cosmological and geological) is a belief or religion – a way of explaining the universe and life without GOD. And many people, especially the intellectual ones, will cling to this belief because they will not accept that there is a Creator GOD to whom they are accountable.

Therefore, the Theory of Evolution and Creation (The Bible) are 2 beliefs that cannot be true at the same time. The former is based on fallible word of man who was not there. The later is from infallible Word of GOD who was there when the events happened, who knows everything and who revealed to us the truth of the past in His Book – The Bible.

To date, no scientific discovery or archaeological finding has ever contradicted the Bible – GOD’s Word.

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