When origins of life are discussed, there are 2 types of science (knowledge) involved – historical science (one’s belief of the past) and observational science (knowledge gained by observation or repeated tests).

Please note that available human historical written records are only about 4,000 years old. Thus, when a geologist classifies rocks as igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic, this is observational science. However, when same geologist then claims that the rocks are millions of years old, this is historical science. He was not there!

Mind you, there is no living scientist or human witness who was there to observe the formation of the universe via the Big Bang 15 billion years ago, nor the formation of the earth 5 billion years ago, nor the formation of 1 living cell from chemicals a long, long time ago. These are all non-repeatable events (such that no woman or man can make a valid conclusion) and are all part of historical (belief or religion) science.

So, someone summarized THE THEORY OF BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION for us as follows:

“Once, I was a tadpole when I began to begin
Then, I was a frog with my tail tucked in.
Next I, was a monkey on a coconut tree
Now, I am a doctor with a Ph D.”

And Dr. Louis Bonoure, a noted French scientist, branded this theory of evolution as a “fairy tale for grown-ups”. Many scientists now called it a hoax, a fraud, a myth or a speculation. Here’s why?

The source of life is the “Achilles Heel” of THE THEORY OF BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION. It claims that a long, long time ago – by chance or random processes and under ideal conditions – non-living chemicals combined to form a living cell. And this single living cell replicate itself to evolve into an amoeba, to an alligator, to an albatross, to an ape and finally, to an astronaut. However, the always nagging questions in this theory are: Who created those chemicals? Can life really evolve from non-living things? Casual scientific observations will tell us that time and chance don’t build up things, but tear them down (e.g., soil erosion, deserts, houses, etc.).

Did you know that according to a distinguished British astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle, the probability that non-living chemicals combining to form a living cell is far lesser than the probability that a tornado whirling into a big junkyard (containing various aircraft parts, fuel, wirings, programs, and controls) will accidentally assemble a functional Boeing 747 jumbo plane ready for take-off?

A molecular scientist revealed that each human cell contains more information than the 30 volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. (A living cell can process energy, store vast amount of information and can replicate itself. Non-living things can’t do these.) If the encyclopaedia was not an offshoot of random chance or unguided natural processes, but the design of an author, therefore by inference or logic, our living cells are a signature of an Intelligent Designer, isn’t it?

The double helix of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid, a highly sophisticated system and the building block of life that has vast amount of information in the right sequence with the right connections) is too intricate and complex to form by chance. In fact, no scientist can synthesize basic chemical elements like carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and others to form a DNA. And then, inject a “living soul” in it who will eventually know what is right from wrong. The DNA clearly points to an Intelligent Designer – GOD. (Just like the iPhone 7 you might be holding in your hand, it just didn’t pop up by chance, it has a designer too, isn’t it?)

Fossils that are supposed to provide the missing links (e.g., from ape to man) and intermediate species (e.g., cogs or dats) are still missing up to now despite more than a hundred years of digging. Why? Because there is no such thing as vertical or macro-evolution from one specie to another specie.

In schools, only man-made drawings (various ape-like creatures that morph into a man) are provided to biology students as proofs. But here are the facts: The bones of the original Java Man, one of the so-called missing links, belongs to 2 different creatures – the skull is from a gibbon, the femur to a man. And the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon tribes were not ape-men but were true men. Haeckel’s drawings that depict the embryos of a fish, salamander, tortoise, chicken, pig, calf, rabbit, and man side-by-side at 3 stages of development – to portray similarities in animal development or evolution – are fake or doctored drawings.

Finally, in year 2,000, genetic scientists of The Human Genome Project (HGP) concluded that all men and women came from just one (1) race – the human race. This finding is in line with the Bible, the Word of GOD, which declares that all human beings (you and I) came from Adam and Eve – who were both created by the All-knowing and All-powerful GOD.

The head of the HGP was Francis S. Collins, a medical doctor with a doctorate in chemistry. He was formerly an atheist who looked at Jesus Christ as “a myth, a fairy tale, a superhero in a bedtime story.” But because of the faith of his desperately ill patients, he chose to investigate and found compelling evidences on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Eventually, he became a Believer.

To date, it takes more faith to believe that you came from the monkeys than to believe in GOD who created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1: 1).

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Theory of  Bilogical Evolution

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