Here’s the BIG PICTURE for you and for me:
The LORD GOD chooses a PLACE for His PURPOSE (PROVISION) – and People are free to name that Place and receive God’s Provision.


Around 2050 BC, the Lord God talked to Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son, Isaac, as a burnt offering in one of the mountains in the region of Moriah that the Lord will choose. (Genesis 22: 2).
When Abraham is about to kill Isaac in the mountain that the Lord has chosen, the Lord God provided a ram (a young male lamb or a sinless substitute) as burnt offering instead. (Genesis 22: 9-13).
PLACE: Abraham then named the mountain of the Lord or the mountain that the Lord God has chosen, “THE LORD WILL PROVIDE”. (Genesis 22: 14).
PURPOSE: It’s actually a PROPHECY or a Promise that the Lord will provide (instead of death, God will provide eternal LIFE) someday for His people – like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and others.
Now, what has the Lord God provided so far?


Around 900 BC, the Lord God – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – appeared to King David of Israel. David wanted to build a tabernacle for the Lord, but the Lord God declared that David’s son will do it.
Then, King Solomon (David’s son and heir) build the Temple of the Lord in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where the Lord appeared to David. (2 Chronicles 3: 1).
PLACE: The Israelites (descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) has named the place Mount Moriah – where the Temple was built.
PURPOSE: YOM KIPPUR – On the excact place the Lord chose, the Lord God provided a system of sacrifice for the atonement (covering and payment) of the sins of the Israelites and for them to have eternal LIFE.
Then, they will have good and blessed life with the Lord God in the land that God has given them, if they have faith and obey the Lord God.


Around 30 AD, Jesus Christ, the Word of God who became Man (John 1: 1-18), is also the Lamb of God who was sacrificed (in an excact place the Lord God chose in Jerusalem) to take away the sins of the world. (John 1: 29, John 19).
And in 70 AD, the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed – excactly as prophesied by Jesus Christ – which means no more sacrifice of animals (sinless substitutes)
in the Temple is needed.
PLACE: The Israelites has named the place where Jesus was crucified and died as Skull or Golgotha, in Aramaic. ( John 19: 17-18).
PURPOSE: The Lord God finally fulfilled His PROPHECY and promise in Genesis 22: 14, that is: To provide the final sacrifice (Sinless Substitute), once and for all (John 3: 16-18), for the atonement (removal and full payment of the penalty) of sins of mankind – both Israelites and Gentiles.
Then, true Believers in Jesus Christ (those who repented and believe in Jesus and what He has done for them) will surely (100%) have eternal LIFE with God in the New Jerusalem, New Earth and New Heaven someday, forever. (Revelation 21).
REMEMBER GOD’s LAW: Without the shedding of the blood, there is no forgiveness for sins. (Hebrews 9: 22).


Now, have you believed, accepted and received the Lord God’s provision for the atonement (taking away and paying in full the penalty) of ALL your sins, by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ, so you may have eternal LIFE with Him in the New Heaven and New Earth someday, forever?

If not yet, WHY NOT or what’s keeping you from receiving the Lord God’s FREE Provision for you?

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