Wouldn’t it be great – love, joy and peace – when you, your family and many friends are all in HEAVEN someday, forever?

Did you know that the last commandment of our Savior Jesus Christ to his Disciples is THE GREAT COMMISSION or to *share the Gospel of God’s Grace to as many people as possible? (Matthew 28: 18-20, Mark 16: 15-16). This is still a commandment, not a suggestion, from our Lord Jesus Christ that must be obeyed by ALL Believers – even now.

You see, GOD’s primary business here on earth is to win souls of men and women for His kingdom. And as Believers, we are Jesus Christ’s head, heart and hands – His Ambassadors – here on earth.

However, somebody observed that, “If you are Believer, but you do not share the Gospel, it means that there is still a part of you that do not believe and/or do not know.”

Therefore, as Believers, we ought to know and understand these fundamentals: WHO to Believe, WHAT to Believe and WHY Believe so we can share the Gospel or Good News to anyone, anytime, anywhere, isn’t it? (2 Timothy 4: 2).

Personally, I was able to confidently, boldly and courageously share the Gospel of GOD’s Grace through the Internet when I came to know and be assured of “The Only Way” to HEAVEN, comprehend the gravity, intensity and eternity of HELL, and finally understand the 7 compelling answers to the 7 crucial questions pertaining to my earthly and eternal life, all based on The Bible – GOD’s Word. And so, I was convicted and committed to *share the Good News to as many people as possible. You too can *share the Gospel’s TRUTH in LOVE so that other people will also be saved.

Therefore, when you absolutely, positively want to know, understand and be assured of WHO to Believe, WHAT to Believe and WHY Believe, come, grab your personal copy of a 230-page PRIMER, the eBook, HEAVEN? (It’s *FREE! And so is Hell.), by simply clicking any of the following sources or links:

Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M1RONKY
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Then, you’ll also be assured (*100%) of your ultimate eternal Destiny – HEAVEN!

Now, equipped with solid knowledge and compelling belief or FAITH, you can then confidently, boldly and courageously *share the Gospel of GOD’s Grace starting with your loved ones and friends, thus fully trusting Jesus Christ and obeying His last commandment to us, Believers: THE GREAT COMMISSION!

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes to you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem (your Family, Friends and Community), and in all Judea (your City or Province) and Samaria (your Country), and to the ends of the earth (the world).” (Acts 1: 8). To GOD be the glory!


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