You might have watched with gusto the movie, ARMAGEDDON, before and now, here’s the real thing! Once the LORD spoke (“Quiet! Be still!”), the storm and the waves calmed. (Mk 4: 35 – 40).

This time, the LORD speaks (e.g., “By my sword, drop dead!”) instantly, the war is over. More than 200 million soldiers who invaded Israel laid dead – their blood flowing as high as the horse’s bridle over a span of 300 kilometers. And the vultures all gorged themselves on the carcasses of rulers, generals, captains, privates, and others. Thus ends THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON – the boldest, biggest and bloodiest battle in the annals of our world’s history, yet the shortest. (Rev 16: 16, 14: 20, 19: 21).

Someday, in this amazing battle, you and I can surely (100%) be part of the LORD’S triumphant Army. Just be enlisted, right NOW! How? @ . (But wait, someone might have a big problem if he’s left behind somewhere else – warming up inside a roaring and blazing furnace.) So, why not invite a friend to join you in this great battle of our LORD? Let’s be there – in victory!


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