Are you sure that the religious beliefs you acquired from the mother of your great grandmother are right? (Chances are, these beliefs came from a Spanish friar – say Padre Damaso, Padre Salvi, Padre Loyola, or others, aren’t these?).

Years ago, I asked 2 pragmatic questions: “Can the white Sto. Nino of Cebu and the Black Nazareno of Quiapo be Jesus Christ at the same time? Did Jesus undergo a “reverse Michael Jackson” operation?” Then, I decided to seek the Truth (John 14: 6) – so that my faith should be based on solid evidences not just feelings or secondhand data.

Perhaps like me before, you may be very, very sincere in the beliefs you acquired from your great, great grandparents, but you could also be sincerely wrong, isn’t it?

NOW, compare your beliefs on HOW TO GET TO HEAVEN SOMEDAY with the “surefire WAY” TO HEAVEN unveiled for you @ or by the eBook, HEAVEN? (It’s FREE! And so is Hell), available at, or

Please make the necessary correction on your beliefs for your own eternal good. Then, share to a friend your SURE (100%), SINCERE BELIEFS.

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