When somebody is diagnosed with cancer, a SECOND OPINION is a MUST, isn’t it? For our ultimate eternal DESTINY, which could be far worse than cancer, WHY NOT?
Did you know that the Greatest Physician, our loving, holy and righteous LORD GOD, has prescribed a permanent CURE for the sickness that is besetting all of us – SIN? Thus, ALL (past, present and future) of your sins and mine can be permanently removed and their penalties fully paid for (so we can be made holy and righteous in GOD’s presence, for all eternity), by simply believing, accepting and receiving His CURE. (Eph 2: 8). This is GOD’s grace to the MAX!

So, WHY NOT know and avail of the total CURE for SIN, now?

Honestly, are you NOW 100% sure that your ultimate eternal Destiny someday is HEAVEN? If not yet, please wisely get a SECOND OPINION from the ONE who is sure, right NOW! How? For a start, just click for FREE @ www.youinheaven.com . You’ll be very glad you did! Then, tell a friend about your sure (100%) everlasting Destiny.

Second Opinion

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