Death is irreversible, inevitable, inescapable, and universal fact of life. As an equalizer, each of us (rich or poor, male or female, young and old) will all die. “Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment …” (Heb 9: 27). And please take note that, in GOD’s Word, the meaning of death is separation not extinction.The FIRST DEATH is physical – when the soul and spirit of “someone” are separated from his dead/buried body. The SECOND DEATH is both physical and spiritual – when the resurrected body of this “someone” combines with his soul and spirit, to be consigned for punishment in Hell/ Lake of Fire (due to his sins and unbelief) and to be totally separated from GOD for all eternity. (Rev 20: 13-15).

Hence, “someone’s” SECOND DEATH is neither obliteration nor annihilation, but perpetual torment, sorrow, pain, and agony. REMEMBER: While GOD is Love, He is also Holy and Just. He rewards and He punishes.

I have chosen not to be this “someone”. And please, don’t be this “someone” too. Did you know that, by GOD’s grace alone through faith only, you and I can choose to forego the SECOND DEATH, even right NOW? How? For a start, just click for FREE @ . You’ll be very glad you did! Then, share this Warning and Blessing to a friend.

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