Did you know that, as early as 538 BC or about 2,550 years ago, through the Prophet Daniel, the exact date of the First Coming of our LORD has been foretold – and was literally fulfilled to its details?

The prophecy was: From the issuance of a decree to rebuild Jerusalem (King Artaxerxes of Persia issued it on March 14, 445 BC), it will take 483 years for the Messiah to come (it happened on April 6, 32 AD, Palm Sunday) and then, he will be cut off (crucified). (Dan 9: 25-26). Many people consider this as the most amazing prophecy of the Old Testament of the Bible. Please note that the LORD came first as the Lamb of God – to save you and me.

Then of course, as also prophesied, the LORD resurrected from the grave (Ps 16: 10, Jn 20: 1-9) and He ascended back to Heaven (Ps 68: 18, Lk 24: 50-52). These fulfilled prophecies are solid evidences which prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Bible is accurate, reliable and trustworthy because it’s Source is the All-knowing GOD.

But, there’s more! The climax of human history and the crowning glory of Bible’s Prophecy is the SECOND COMING of our LORD – when He returns to the earth in power and glory as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, THE KING OF KINGS and THE LORD OF LORDS – to judge all the living and the dead. (Rev 19: 11-16). This time, no exact date was provided, only signs for us to watch (Deceivers, wars, earthquakes, drugs, famines, diseases, etc.). (Mat 24: 1-51). Like birth pains, all of these signs are happening in greater frequency and magnitude now, aren’t they?

So, where will you be when the LORD comes back to earth? (The Bible or God’s Word says that, you can choose Him as Savior now so you can be part of the entourage in this momentous event. Or else, when you reject Him, the LORD will be your Judge – with no more mercy or grace to spare.)

Right NOW, can you honestly say to yourself that you are absolutely and positively certain that you’ll be part of the LORD’S entourage in His SECOND COMING here on earth? If not yet, for a start, why not visit and click for FREE @ www.youinheaven.comfor you to be sure (100%)? You’ll be very glad you did! Then, share what you’ve found and received to a friend.

Second Coming

Second Coming

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