Here on earth, MANY. On our eternal Destiny, ZERO!

For the Mayor caught with 11.5 kilos of shabu hidden in his mansion, he still have a day in court. For the Policeman involved in a rubout, he still have a chance to tell the truth. However, for the Drug-pusher who was killed in a shootout (with a sachet of shabu in his pocket and a gun in his hand), his SECOND CHANCE is ZERO – the die is cast with regards to his eternal Destiny.

Do you think the prayers of the dead Drug-pusher’s family and friends can change his eternal Destiny? Compare your opinion with GOD’s answer that is written in Hebrews 9: 27 of the Bible. After we die, there’s no SECOND CHANCE to alter our eternal Destiny. It’s fixed  – either HEAVEN or HELL – forever and ever!

So, faced with volatile times, let’s wisely and promptly avail of our SECOND CHANCE before our time here on earth expires. Yes, by God’s grace, you can choose and be sure (100%) that HEAVEN is your ULTIMATE ETERNAL DESTINY someday – even right NOW! How? For a start, just click for FREE @ . You’ll be very glad you did! Then, share to a friend what you’ve found and received.

P.S.  NOW is the time of GOD’s favor, NOW is the day of salvation. (2Co 6: 2). Please don’t take a chance on your ultimate Destiny because eternity holds no SECOND CHANCES.



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