For lack of knowledge ( IGNORANCE or DECEPTION, which the Devil cleverly uses), people are destroyed … in HELL. (Hos 4: 6). To deceive, Satan used the serpent before, and now – he uses people. So, by proxy, the Devil pits man’s word against GOD’s Word.

Satan’s subtle lie which schools, media and governments peddle as “scientific” fact is: You and I came or evolved from the apes. (Result of this belief: As monkey thinks, monkey does.) From ape to man, only man-made drawings are provided to students as evidences. However, the cited missing links such as the Java Man is a fake because it’s skull belongs to a gibbon, the Piltdown Man that fooled the world’s leading scientists for decades was an hoax, while the Peking Man was lost during World War II. Both the Neanderthal Man and Cro-Magnon Man are true men not ape-men. And yet, Biology classes still trumpets this lie as “scientific” fact even if the missing links are all missing up to now!

In 2000, the Human Genome Project established that all people belong to one race – the human race. This scientific discovery is in line with the Bible’s teaching or GOD’s Word that we all came from two humans – Adam and Eve. And thus, there are no higher or lower evolutionary races such as Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid, Australoid, and others. (The fact is, there is only one skin color: melanin, a brownish pigment which we all have in our skin cells. If your skin produces a great deal of melanin, then you’ll have black skin. Little melanin production results in white skin. And in between means different shades of brown skin.)

One of the Devil’s great deceptions is: If your good works exceed your bad deeds, then you’ll get to HEAVEN someday. Another Satan’s trick is: If you are a member of this Religion _____________, then this will be your sure ticket to HEAVEN someday. (Please take note that our eternal life in HEAVEN is neither based on merit nor membership, but it’s solely based on a personal relationship – being adopted, as you are, as a child of GOD. In fact, GOD has no grandchildren! See Jn 1: 12 – 13.)

Did you know that GOD, who is Holy, Just and Love, has given you and me the “surefire WAY” to HEAVEN, so that any one of us – who believes – can be in HEAVEN someday, for all eternity? Have you sought and discovered this “surefire WAY” to HEAVEN yourself?

Don’t be fooled or deceived by Satan. Get right knowledge, right now, for you to surely (100%) GET TO HEAVEN someday! How? Just click . Then, share to a friend your newfound wisdom.



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