Paul and Jean Klahr

Paul and Jean Klahr


In November of 1980, approximately thirty to forty people from diverse groups gathered in worship and fellowship at the Ali Mall Ballroom situated at the heart of Cubao, Quezon City. These men and women joyfully experienced God’s awesome presence and fellowship.

Rev. Paul Klahr and his wife, Sister Jean Klahr, both missionaries of the Assemblies of God, together with the late Dr. Milanio Gabriel and his wife Dra. Carolina Gabriel initiated and led a small group of believers towards establishing a Christian Fellowship. Barely a year from its conception, the ACCF numerically grew in attendance to about 400 worshippers. During this time Rev. Klahr preached the book of Revelation in the Bible.

Rev. Paul Klahr called on the members to renew their dedication and love to God. He encouraged the people to seek the will of God in their lives. He emphasized that Christian life is indeed the way of life. The true test of character starts right after the worship service in their daily lives. He also said that each Christian should have a desire to share the gospel of God. This is done to reach out the unbelievers. God calls on believers to refocus their lives to what is truly important. He never failed to mention that God loves each and everyone; therefore, the lost or the unbeliever has a right to know that kind of love. God is calling all Christians to spread the good news.

At this moment, it was the power of the Holy Spirit and the warmth fellowship, which attracted men and women to join this growing church. The fire of Christian service burned intensely in each of the members. People were crying, praising, dancing and giving their lives to the Lord. The members no longer saw themselves apart from the church, rather they saw themselves as a member of a loving and growing spiritual family.

ACCF was formally organized and registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission on April 14, 1982. Rev. Evan Squires, a New Zealand missionary also joined Rev. Paul Klahr and both provided the spiritual and administrative leadership for about three to five years. They also developed a team of local leaders until a national leadership was installed. This local team of leaders were trained, equipped and encouraged to take on the responsibility of an eventual turn-over of the responsibilities of managing taking care of the church.

The tremendous growth in population was regarded as truly the working of the Holy Spirit since most of the attendees were just walk-ins. These people were drawn to the fellowship hall out of curiosity. The warm atmosphere of the fellowship however, was attributed to the ushers who were regularly posted at the entrance and exit of the worship hall. These ushers smiled, shook hands and assisted anyone and everyone who would take a peek inside this spacious hall only to find people singing, dancing and uttering praises to God with all sincerity and fervor. Outsiders would be invited step in the fellowship area where they were greeted with enlightening and inspiring music, followed by the “welcome” and finally the preaching of the Word of God which never fails to touch the attendees’ hearts. After the initial stage, the outsider is “hooked” and then returns the next Sunday to get another taste of that “good feeling”. After several times of attending the fellowship, the outsider then finds a friend, becomes a part of a circle of friends and finally decides to open his heart and accept the Lord without reservation and question. This is the most crucial part of the outsider’s stage in entering the fellowship because it is during this time that he/she gets to feel the “spiritual experience” of being “born again” without any other reason but for the love of the Lord.

Currently, ACCF is still committed in pursuing its evangelical goals and purposed. In order to facilitate the church’s vision of winning souls for Christ, the establishment of several daughter churches and extension services in key cities of the Philippines is being done. Today several local congregations have now evolved at different levels of growth, each having a local undertaking in the pursuance of the founding vision-mission.

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