Between us girls, have you received your ROUND-TRIP TICKET to Heaven and back to earth – not only going to meet the LORD (with your resurrected body, soul, and spirit) on the clouds someday (The Rapture) to be with Him in Heaven, but also coming back with the LORD in power and glory to the earth (The Second Coming)? (1Th 4: 16 – 17, Rev 19: 11 – 16).

Only once it will occur, this will be THE GREATEST TRIP you and I can ever have!

(Please note that when the LORD first came here on earth, He is the Lamb bringing salvation for you and me (Jn 1: 29). On His Second Coming, the LORD is the Lion bringing judgment to all living people and the dead (Rev 5: 5, 20: 11 -15)).

If you don’t have yours and while you still have time, come, grab your ROUND-TRIP TICKET, right NOW! How? Just click . (Please remember: “NO TICKET. NO TRIP.” You might be left behind warming up in a fiery furnace.) And then, why not tag along a friend to join you in your greatest future trip – by sharing to her how she can also get her ROUND-TRIP TICKET?



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