Did you know that under the Covenant of Law (The 10 Commandments and others) or under the Old Testament, if you sin, you’ll die – physically and spiritually?

Though once a year, as an Israelite, your sins can be atoned for or covered through the blood sacrifice of sinless substitutes (goats) offered in the Temple at Jerusalem. (Please note that the animal sacrifice can no longer be made because the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by Roman forces under General Titus in 70 AD.)

But, did you also know that under the Covenant of Grace or under the New Testament, by the grace of God alone and through faith in Jesus Christ and His final, once-and-for-all blood sacrifice only, all of your sins (past, present and future) can be forgiven, taken away, and their penalty paid in full?

Then, you become holy and righteous in God’s sight and fit to be with Him in Heaven someday, for all eternity.

So right now, are under Law or under Grace?

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