“The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” (Psalm 14: 1).

Here are the Beliefs of a FOOL:

When I don’t believe that the Universe was created by All-knowing, All-powerful, Eternal God, then I’ll have great faith on the following instead:

1. Since the Universe is not eternal (due to Laws of Entropy and Inertia, and is expanding) thus, it begun to exist. And because the Universe is not eternal and has no Creator therefore, it came from nothing. (Cosmological Evolution)

2. Over time, the non-living elements of the Universe (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, and others) decided to form themselves to evolve – little by little – into a one-celled living organism. (Chemical Evolution)

3. Over long period of time, by chance or natural process, the one-celled organism (the common ancestor) decided to replicate itself and further improve to evolve into different kinds of plants and animals – culminating in a man and a woman. And, then it decided to stop. Hence, there’s no more macroevolution after man/woman. (Biological Evolution)

Since no man was there to observe the above phenomena and that true science (which is based on repetitive experiments to form valid conclusions) cannot provide me with compelling evidence, then with great faith, I must just assume and believe that the above phenomena are all true.

And, I will fight till death embracing my beliefs – while accusing all other beliefs as wrong..

I know a Belief without evidence is irrational. But still, it really feels good to have great faith in the above 3 Beliefs (or FAIRYTALES for grown-ups).

Why? Please understand, because my issue is not an open mind, but a hardened heart.

But, the Eternal, All-knowing Creator God who was there when the Universe came to be declared:

“In the beginning (Time), God (Elohim) created (Space) the heavens and the earth (Matter/Energy).
(Genesis 1: 1).

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