Each one of us will spend eternity somewhere, someday. It stands to reason, therefore, that you and I must know exactly what that entails, isn’t it? Our LORD talked more about HELL than HEAVEN – a grave WARNING for you and me to know, to believe and to heed.

Besides HEAVEN, the only other choice for our ultimate eternal Destiny is HELL. It’s an eternal quarantine or the final prison that will separate evil (Satan and his minions) from good (GOD and His followers) for all times. The dire consequence of sin and unbelief, HELL is the very steep price Unbelievers pay for rejecting God’s love. (Please remember that, while GOD is Love, He is also Holy and Just. He rewards and He punishes.)

An unquenchable blazing fire, for a glimpse, HELL is a permanent place where the Unbelievers/wicked terribly suffer (in agony, torment, sorrow, and excruciating pain), where they long for relief but they cannot be comforted, where they are conscious of their intense suffering while their memory still lingers, and where they are without hope (their predicament, problem and pain can never be changed, forever and ever). In sum, HELL will not consume, but will torture Unbelievers for all eternity.

But, did you know that the present HELL (Hades)  will be thrown by GOD into the LAKE OF FIRE (the ultimate place reserved for Satan and his fallen angels)? (Rev 20: 14 – 15, Mt 25: 41). Thus, for Unbelievers, the worst is yet to come!

My friend, make no mistake and do yourself a great favor NOW: You don’t have to picture (selfie) yourself a PRISONER (with resurrected body, soul and spirit) in the ultimate unending Pain – HELL / LAKE OF FIRE. Yes, by God’s grace alone through faith only, you can surely (100%) forego HELL someday – forever! How? Just click @ www.youinheaven.com . And kindly, warn a friend about HELL!

P.S.  To get to HEAVEN, you have to make a Decision. To go to HELL, none. Just do nothing.

Soulfood #6 - HELL

Soulfood #6 – HELL

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