Are you now heavenly-wise?
1. The heavens declare the glory of God. (Psalm 19: 1).
2. By the word of the Lord (God) were the heavens made, (Psalm 33: 6).
3. The fool says in his heart, “There is No God.” (Psalm 14: 1).
1. When there’s a beautiful building to admire, the wise man says, “There’s a great Architect behind it whom I want to know.” However, the fool says, “The building just evolved by its own alone – No Architect.”
2. In like manner, when there’s a beautiful and immense heaven to admire (stars, moon, planets, and others), the wise man says, “There’s a far, far Great Architect behind it whom I want to personally know.” However, the fool again says, “The heavens just evolved by its own alone – No Great Archirect.”
An earthly Example – On its maiden voyage, the Titatic had a lot of passsengers from different walks of life. However when it sunk, the Titanic passengers were categorized only into two: the Saved and the Unsaved.
An expected Reality – The same is true when our life here on earth expires and all of us – different people – would also be then categorized only into two: the Saved and the Unsaved.
1. For the SAVED people, what’s Heaven and how do we get there – body, soul and spirit?
HEAVEN – It’s a place of infinite love, of perfect joy, of total peace, of amazing beauty, of awesome power, and of incalculable wealth. Heaven is a place where a Believer can have fellowship of love with God and many exciting people, enjoy great feasts, reign with God over His creation, and have meaningful work/play to do.
Heaven is a place without evil: no sin, no suffering, no pain, no war, no sorrow, no oppression, no calamity, no persecution, and no death – for all eternity. (1 Corinthians 15: 50-54, 1 Thessalonians 4: 14-17).
Go on, imagine yourself in a place of ultimate unending Pleasure – HEAVEN!
2. And for the UNSAVED people, what’s Hell and how would they get there – body, soul and spirit?
LAKE OF FIRE (HELL) – It’s an eternal quarantine or the final prison that will separate evil (Satan and his minions) from good (God and His Followers or Believers) for all times. The dire consequence of sin and unbelief, Hell is the steep price Unbelievers pay for rejecting God and His love or grace. (John 3: 16-18).
Hell is an unquenchable fire, an eternal agony, torment, sorrow, and pain for Unbelievers. It’s a place where the wicked terribly suffer, where they long for relief but cannot be comforted, where they are concious of their intense suffering while their memories still linger, and where they are without hope – their predicament will never ever be changed , forever and ever. (Revelation 20: 7-15).
Go on, picture yourself in a place of ultimate unending Pain – HELL!
When the passengers of the sinking Titanic needed earthly saviors for them to get ashore, it follows that you and I will also need a heavenly Savior for us to get to Heaven someday.
Because no one can save or get herself to Heaven by herself.
Would like to know and believe in The SAVIOR who could surely (100%) bring you to Heaven someday, forever?
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