Each one of us will spend eternity somewhere, someday. Therefore, it stands to reason that we ought to know precisely what’s in store for us in eternity, isn’t it?

Our first choice is HEAVEN. It’s a place of amazing love, of exhilarating joy, of total peace, of spectacular beauty, of awesome power, and of incalculable riches.

For a glimpse, HEAVEN is a place where a Believer can have everlasting fellowship of love with God and many exciting people, enjoy great feasts, reign with God over His wonderful creations, and have meaningful and purposeful work or plays to do. It is a place without evil – no sin, no suffering, no crying, no pain, no sickness, no violence, no injustice, no death – for all eternity.

But, did you know that God will be creating a NEW HEAVEN someday? (Rev 21: 1). Thus, for Believers, the best is yet to be!

Go ahead, picture yourself a RULER in the ultimate unending Pleasure – HEAVEN. Yes, by God’s grace alone though faith only, YOU can surely (100%) be IN HEAVEN someday – FOREVER! How? Just click @ www.youinheaven.com . Then, share to a friend – HEAVEN


Soulfood no. 5


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