Are you still trying to get merits in order to gain entrance to Heaven someday? Or is your life’s balance now tilted toward good works more than bad deeds? You might be aiming at the wrong target and unfortunately, hit it in the bull’s eye! (Please see Eph 2: 8 – 9.)

Instead, why not seek GRACE and MERCY? Ultimately, GRACE is GOD opening the gate of HEAVEN someday to undeserving sinners – you and me. MERCY is GOD closing the gates of HELL someday to deserving sinners – you and me.

As your confirmed ticket and valid visa to HEAVEN someday, kindly avail of GOD’s GRACE and MERCY, right NOW! How? Just click @ . Then, share GOD’s love and justice to a friend.

P.S.  Those who will reject GOD’s grace and mercy in their lifetime, will surely (100%) experience His judgment without mercy and grace in their afterlife.

Grace and Mercy

Grace and Mercy

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