GOD’s natural attributes which He can’t share to no one are : All-Powerful, All-Knowing, Ever-Present, Eternal, Sovereign, and Unchanging – the same yesterday, today and forevermore.

For example, only GOD can hear the simultaneous prayers of Believers in the Philippines, USA, Israel, and other countries because He alone is present everywhere. And no saint, no virgin, no prophet – dead or alive – can do this because no created being is ever-present.

Likewise, some of GOD’s moral attributes which He freely shares to us are: Holy, Righteous and Love.

GOD is Holy – He hates sin. Those with unpaid sins will be eternally banished from His presence. But you and I can be made holy in GOD’s sight.

GOD is Righteous – Sin must be punished – fully paid for and totally taken away – not by our good works, but by the blood sacrifice or the life of a Sinless Substitute. So, you and I can be made righteous in GOD’s sight.

GOD is Love – From Heaven, GOD sent His SON here on earth – to live a sinless life, to die, to be buried, to resurrect, and to ascend back to Heaven – in order to take away and pay in full all of man’s sins. His only requirement from sinners – you and me – is to BELIEVE in GOD’s final Sinless Substitute and what He has done for us. (John 3: 16-18). Thus, you and I can totally and permanently be made holy, righteous and beloved in GOD’s sight to be with Him in HEAVEN someday, forever!

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