Did you know that God has the power and will to fulfill all of His promises and prophecies?

When Abraham was ninety-nine (99) old, the LORD appeared to him and said, “I am God Almighty, walk before me faithfully and be blameless.” (Genesis 17: 1).

God Almighty is a translation of two (2) Hebrew words: El meaning “All-powerful God” and Shaddai which means “breasts”. When these two words are combined, they mean “He is the All-powerful God who satisfies, nourishes and sustains us”.

Abraham had a hard time believing that God would give him a son because he was 99 years old while his wife, Sarah, was 90 years old, well beyond the child bearing age.

But nothing is impossible with God because “El Shaddai” brought life to their old bodies and soon, Sarah became the mother of the promised son, Isaac.

Right now, do you feel discouraged or disappointed because of difficult circumstances and adversities in your life, which are way beyond your control? And you want real solutions, preferably fast, right? Instead of focusing on yourself, why don’t you seek and trust “El Shaddai”, the ultimate life-changer who can satisfy, nourish and sustain you. Read and hold on to His promises for you as written in His Book – The Bible. Why? Because like Abraham, “El Shaddai” cares and He is faithful and true to fulfill these promises for you.

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