This is the GREATEST OFFER from GOD which you and I can’t refuse – FREE HEAVEN! You may say, “It’s too good to be true.” But then, it’s true because it came from the One who is called “Faithful and True”.

HEAVEN is Painless. Timeless. Priceless.

And HEAVEN is FREE simply because Someone paid the price – by His own blood as the only acceptable payment – for you and me to get us there someday. All you have to do is to believe, accept and receive this GOD’s GREATEST GIFT now, and it’s yours forever. (John 3: 16-18).

Hence, this is the true meaning of CHRISTMAS – it’s all about the Giver (GOD), the Gift (His SON for us to surely (100%) get to HEAVEN someday) and the Recipients (BELIEVERS only). It will be a tremendous loss for you if you miss this opportunity – rejecting FREE HEAVEN due to pride, wrong beliefs or faulty information.

So, why not get your FREE ticket to HEAVEN, even right NOW? And someday, HEAVEN can be your ultimate eternal Destiny! How? For a start, just click @ .

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