“For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23: 7).

Wrong beliefs (like the origin of mankind) lead to wrong values (heart), to wrong attitudes (intellect), to wrong behavior (actions) and finally, dire consequences.

To date, students in schools are still being taught (indoctrinated) that the Theory of Evolution (whether biological, cosmological or geological) is a science such that a long, long time ago man evolve from the monkeys.

The change in hearts and minds of our students now, will change our society’s culture in the future.

And why?

When a person believes that he came on earth by chance and there is no Creator GOD (with absolute authority) to whom he is accountable, then he could assume that he can decide for himself what is right or wrong and what is good or evil, depending on his own circumstances.

Recently, interest groups by their mere size, financial strength and intense lobbying began determining the ethics and morals of societies (e.g., abortion, divorce, mercy killing, etc.). Thus, over the years, these wrong beliefs brought about by the Theory of Evolution have resulted in more destructive nature of people with the following grave social consequences:

1. Aryan Racism – In the 1940’s, Adolf Hitler sincerely believed that the Germans or Aryans were supermen, that is why he murdered 6 million Jews whom he considered as sub-humans. This racism belief still persists up to now especially among Muslim countries who believe that Allah transformed some Jews into monkeys and pigs.

2. Alcoholism and Drugs – Robberies, rapes, murder, violence, child molestation, and deranged minds are some of their fruits.

3. Adultery – This is sexual intercourse between a married person and someone who is not her or his mate. High rate of divorce, broken homes and even beheading of the culprit in Saudi Arabia and other countries are some of its consequences.

4. AIDS (Acute Immunity Deficiency Syndrome) – This is primary due to sexual perversion among homosexuals and this plague is already alarming worldwide.

5. Atheism – With no belief in GOD and that religion is the opium of the masses, at least 100 million people were exterminated by communist regimes in Russia, China, Cambodia and North Korea.

6. Abortion – This is genocide of unborn infants or the painful murders of innocent human beings who are still not capable of defending themselves. Fueled by pornography, fornication (sexual intercourse between unmarried people), adultery, and unplanned parenthood, abortion, when legalized, has resulted in 1.8 million helpless victims per year in the USA alone. This figure could be much higher in China where the state strictly prescribes then a 1 child policy per couple and that Chinese couples prefer a male child.

7. Acceptable Business Methods – Some businessmen who truly believe in biological evolution applied it in their own business dealings such as survival of the fittest, elimination of competition, milking suppliers, and no love for the weak employees.

Is there hope for man? If man relies on his hollow philosophies and unproven theories, then there is none. However, if man relies on the Word of his all-knowing, all-powerful Creator GOD, then there is.

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