Most of us want to control our own lives, isn’t it?

Have you ever thought that your life here on earth (even if it lasts for 100 years) is just a Micro DOT while your eternal life somewhere is an Infinite LINE? It’s very important for us to have proper perspective and focus in life, right?

Each of us wants to have control by planning, implementing, evaluating, and correcting (sometimes in minute details) our own life here on earth: Education, Graduation, Vacation, Career, Marriage, Anniversary, Reunion, Family, Business, Random Acts of Kindness, Religion, Retirement, and others. This is our life’s micro DOT. But, have you done so with the most crucial one – your eternal life? Remember, this is your life’s never ending, Infinite LINE.

Did you know that we’re all destined to a certain Person and a certain Place someday, for all eternity: Either with GOD in Heaven or with Satan in Hell?

And did you also know that you can choose your eternal Destiny – Heaven with GOD or Hell with Satan – even right NOW?

Good news! To control and choose your ultimate eternal Destiny – your own Infinite LINE – come, grab your personal copy of the Bible-based, grace-filled eBook, HEAVEN? (It’s *FREE! And so is Hell.), by simply clicking any of the following links:

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