GOD is sovereign, supreme, all-powerful and all-knowing. Let’s all learn from Him.
Our LORD GOD (1) uses CIRCUMSTANCES (sometimes as confirmation to harden the hearts of Unbelievers or to melt the hearts of Believers) (2) for us to make CHOICES based on our own Priorities and Expectations in life (to follow our own will or to obey GOD’s will) (3) with profound eternal CONSEQUENCES (Unbelievers being punished in HELL or Believers being rewarded in HEAVEN).

Key CASES in point are: (1) The Pharaoh of Egypt, when faced with 10 plagues, hardened his heart and was drown in the Red Sea as an Unbeliever (Exodus 6-15) and (2) The adulterer-cum-murderer King David of Israel who repented as a Believer and is now called a man of GOD’s own heart. (2 Samuel 11-12, Acts 13: 22).

Last year, our country was beset with the Marcos’ Burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, a test CASE for most of us. As in all CASES, there are 4 TRUTHS involved: the Truth according to (1) The Marcos family and their Loyalists, (2) The Martial Law Victims and other Filipino people, (3) The Supreme Court Justices and other Government Officials involved, and (4) The Almighty GOD – The all-knowing Creator and Lord of all, who is the absolute TRUTH, will eventually judge, not only the words and actions, but also the thoughts, emotions, motives, and will of the first 3 parties involved in this CASE. And GOD’s judgment is righteous, fair and just.

A PERSONAL OBSERVATION: In the mid 60’s, when Mr. Ferdinand Marcos was elected as President of the Philippines, we already have the best Air Force in the Far East – the most modern F5 fighter planes manned by the best pilots, some are even Aces who are battle-tested during World War II. As a young boy, I was amazed at the spectacular acrobatic feats our pilots make during their regular sorties near Basa Air Base in Pampanga. Militarily and economically, we were far ahead than Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and other Asian countries then.
In 1986, when Mr. F. Marcos was popularly ousted as a Dictator, we still have an Air Force – but only “air” with no “force” – for we’ve only got “Tora, Tora, Tora” vintage planes as our main air assets. During this time, our pilots can’t even have decent practices due to financial constraints. And our brave pilots are not shot down by the NPA or Muslim rebel’s fire, but are killed due the malfunctions or crashes of these obsolete air assets (or liabilities) known as “Flying Coffins”.

In sum, Mr. Ferdinand Marcos’ legacy started with a promise, “This nation can be great again!” and after 21 years of his rule in the Philippines, our country ended up as, “The Basket Case or The Sick Man of Asia.”

Still, when he died, Mr. F. Marcos left his wife – Imelda, son – Bong Bong and 2 daughters – Imee and Irene, all multi-millionaires.
As Believers, we ought to love as God unconditionally loves us. (John 3: 16). We ought to forgive as Jesus Christ has forgiven ALL our sins. (Mark 2: 10-11). Being mortals, we can’t do these. So, Jesus Christ gave us His Spirit, to live in us, to help us divinely love and forgive. But of course, those whom we have forgiven must earn our trust.

For each of us, however, no matter what our present CIRCUMSTANCES in life are (e.g., young or old, rich or poor, healthy or sickly, or others), at the end of the day, what matters most is our personal relationship (not religion) or our ultimate CASE with our Creator GOD. This must be our FOCUS, our utmost PRIORITY, our major CHOICE in life.

Here’s my discovery for you to consider: When you absolutely, positively want to be a Believer – an adopted child of GOD – who is destined to HEAVEN someday, forever, you have to make a real and wise CHOICE: Repent (180 degrees turn from sin to GOD) and Believe (have FAITH).
And this eBook, HEAVEN? (It’s *FREE! And so is Hell.), based on the Bible – GOD’s Word, can help you wisely make your greatest CHOICE or Decision NOW, and as a CONSEQUENCE, you can surely (*100%) get the greatest Gift of your life – YOU will be IN HEAVEN with GOD someday, forever and ever! So, come, grab your personal copy of this eBook now by clicking any of the following sources or links:
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Remember, it’s not just an eBook, it’s your ultimate eternal Destiny!
Then, as a Believer – an adopted child of GOD, why not *share this Article to a friend so she will make the right CHOICE – repent and believe – and as a CONSEQUENCE, she will also surely (*100%) get to HEAVEN someday, forever?


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