Of all the books ever written, this is one of the very, very important books. And why? Because GOD Himself is the writer and He declared, “If anyone’s name was not found written in the BOOK OF LIFE, he was thrown into the LAKE OF FIRE.” (Rev 20: 15). GOD’s stern Warning and great Blessing for you and me.

The LAKE OF FIRE is HELL raised to the nth power in terms of agony, torment, sorrow, and pain that is reserved for Satan and the fallen angels. Unfortunately, it’s also the everlasting Destiny and punishment for people who chose to be Unbelievers. (Thus, WHO, WHAT and WHY we believe is very crucial.)

Please make sure (100%) that your name is written and not blotted out in this very, very important book – the BOOK OF LIFE. (Or else, you’ll be surely consigned forever in the ultimate unending Pain – the LAKE OF FIRE.) But HOW?

For assurance, even right NOW, you have to make a real and wise choice – Repent (180 degrees turn from sin to GOD) and Believe. And this eBook, HEAVEN? (It’s FREE! And so is Hell.), now available at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com or itunes.apple.com for only $2.99 (about P149 or less than the price of 1 Big Mac Meal) can help you wisely make your choice or greatest Decision NOW, so you can surely (100%) get the greatest Gift of your life – your name is written and not blotted out in the BOOK OF LIFE and YOU will be IN HEAVEN with GOD someday, forever!

Then, why not share this tip to a friend so that her name is also written and not blotted out in the BOOK OF LIFE?



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