3. ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO THE BLESSED HOPE OR THE BLASTED HOPE? Many biblical prophecies – written hundreds of years before these were fulfilled in accurate details – prove that the Bible is truly God’s Word. Why? Only the All-knowing God knows the future and in His love, He is partly revealing the future to us. Thus, Bible prophecy is history written in advance for us to know and heed.

And here are two (2) major Bible prophecies which will surely be fulfilled in due time: Blessed Hope and Blasted Hope. Now, are you looking forward to the Blessed Hope – the glorious appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ to fetch His true Church – each with respective body, soul and spirit – to Heaven? (Please note that our Lord Jesus Christ promised to bring Believers to Heaven prior to His resurrection from the dead and ascension back to Heaven – in His own body, soul and spirit – 2,000 years ago.) OR, are you expecting to be left behind for the Blasted Hope – the reign of terror of the Antichrist (also known as the 7 years Tribulation or Jacob’s Trouble) here on earth? So, are you ready for the BLESSED HOPE?
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