While the 3 Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) primarily portray Jesus in His humiliation and death, the Book of Revelation unveils JESUS CHRIST, as GOD, in His power and glory – THE KING OF KINGS and THE LORD OF LORDS – who will judge the living and the dead. That includes you and me. (Rev 19: 11-16).

Thus, the book of REVELATION is an instruction manual for those who will see the fulfillment of its prophecies, an encouragement of sure victory (in HEAVEN) for BELIEVERS and a warning of God’s imminent wrath (in HELL) for Unbelievers. In fact, blessings are in store for those who hear, read and heed the contents of the Book of Revelation. (Rev 1: 3). So, if someone says to you, “Don’t read the Book of Revelation, it’s very hard to understand.”, he is a liar who don’t want you to be blessed. Shun him!

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