1. First, CREATOR – In the beginning, there’s All-knowing, All-powerful, Eternal God who is good.
God is love – The Lover, The Beloved and The Love between them. And Love is a 2-way process, it is not forced, coerced or imposed.

2. Then, CREATION – Out of His love, Holy God created the Universe, Earth, Garden of Eden, and Man.
Man is not a robot, he/she has the freewill to love or hate. For without a Choice, there is no Freewill.

3. But, CORRUPTION – Man sinned.
Man chose to sin or rebel against God. Thus, the fellowship of love between God and man was broken.
Or, man became spiritually dead(the first of 3 deaths).

4. Then, CURSE – As the consequence of man’s sin, Catastrophes, Confusion in language, and Death came to be.
Another consequence of sin is physical death – when the body of man separates from his soul (mind, emotion, will) and spirit (the one that can communicates with God who is Spirit).

5. Next a COUNTRY – Israel was chosen to write for us God’s Word – the Bible (Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth) and to give birth to the Messiah or The Annointed One.

Israel is a model so we may know who God is – holy, righteous, just, and love.
But, Israel chose to love and worship created things, rather than Creator God. And thus, Israel was punished through wars, plagues, exile, and genocide.

6. And, CHRIST – God’s Word became Man or God-Man named Jesus Christ (Messiah). He led a sinless life, was crucifiied to death, and resurrected from the dead to take away and pay in full the penalty of man’s sins. Thus, by God’s grace through faith, each man can now be reconciled with God in Jesus Christ.

With freewill, each man/woman can choose to believe in or reject Jesus Christ and what He has done.
And when any man repents (turn from sin to God) and believes (in all his mind, heart and being) in Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord, then he saved, he becomes a child of God and Heaven will be his sure eternal destiny. (John 3: 16-18, Ephesians 2: 8-9).

Jesus Christ ascended back to Heaven, sits at the right hand of God in power, and He will come again – as King of Kings – to judge all the living and the dead.

Hence, in His first coming on earth, Jesus Christ is the Savior (being Prophet and High Priest); While in His second coming back here on earth, Jesus Christ is the King and Judge.

7. Finally, CONSUMATION – From the throne of King, Lord and God Jesus Christ as Judge, there will be a final, total and eternal separation between:

Evil – Satan and Unbelievers will be punitively judged for their unbelief and sins.They will be consigned in the Lake of Fire (Hell), forever and ever.

This is known as the final or second death – total separation (resurrected body, soul and spirit) from God, forever and ever. (Note: The other or previous deaths are spiritual and physical).

Good – After evaluative judgment for their belief and good works, God will have fellowship of love, peace and joy with all Believers (with resurrected body, soul and spirit), in the New Heaven and New Earth – which God is going to create.

Now after knowing the truth about our History and the destiny of Good and Evil, where will you be forever?
Now, Why not make the wise and right Decision while you still have the luxury of time, so that Heaven with God could be your sure (100%) eternal Destiny?

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