Here are 7 crucial QUESTIONS we ought to ask and 7 compelling ANSWERS we must know before you and I will experience the inevitable – Death.
Some people wouldn’t dare to ask these 7 QUESTIONS pertaining to their earthly and eternal life, simply because they are so afraid to know the answers. Are you? You’ll be surprised to know that most of the answers are all about GOD’s Love, Grace and Mercy for you and me.
1. Why did God create man and woman (you and me)?
2. Why do we die?
3. What did God do to restore His fellowship of love with us, after we sinned?
4. Where do we go when we die?
5. How can you make sure (100%) that you will go to Heaven someday?
6. So, having been assured that your eternal Destiny will be with God in Heaven someday, what should you do now here on earth?
7. Finally, what will happen to you in the future?
When you know the compelling answers to the abovementioned 7 QUESTIONS, then you can wisely choose or make the greatest Decision NOW, so you can surely (100%) get the greatest Gift of your life – YOU IN HEAVEN with GOD someday, forever!
You can know the compelling answers even right NOW. HOW? Come, grab your personal copy of the eBook, HEAVEN? (It’s FREE! And so is Hell.), available at, or for only $2.99 (about P149 which is less than the price of 1 Big Mac Meal). You’ll be very glad you did because it is not just an eBook, it’s your ultimate eternal Destiny – HEAVEN or HELL! Then, share your newfound knowledge – especially your sure (100%) ultimate eternal Destiny – to a friend.
“I tell you, NOW is the time of GOD’s favor, NOW is the day of salvation.” (God’s Word as written in 2 Corinthians 6: 2 of the Bible).

7 Questions


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