TRUTH DIVIDES. In any case, there are 4 TRUTHS involved – The truth according to: (1) The Accuser, (2) The Accused, (3) The human Judge, and (4) The Almighty GOD.

Ultimately, in all cases, The All-Knowing GOD, who holds the absolute TRUTH (John 14: 6), will righteously judge the Accuser, the Accused and the human Judge – not only according to their words and actions – but also according to their thoughts, emotions, motives, and will. (Romans 12: 19).

In the particular case which you are very much interested right now (say, Extra Judicial Killings or EJK, F. Marcos Burial at LMB, personal case, or others), which TRUTH do you belong? Has the short-term perspective of your life and purpose deceived you or have made you to lose hope? Be not penny-wise, pound-foolish. And don’t despair either, but seek the absolute TRUTH. Then, go for eternal, not temporary, rewards.

Each one of us – no exception – will surely face the ultimate case at the end of our life.
So, what about the ultimate case at the end of your own life where and when you will surely (*100%) be involved: You are the Accused, Satan is your Accuser and GOD is your Judge? Will you be condemned for punishment in HELL or acquitted for rewards in HEAVEN? REMEMBER: Even just one (1) unpaid sin found in you will condemn you to HELL. Why? Because GOD is not only Love; He is also Holy, Righteous and Just as well.

Here’s the TIP: To win in your ultimate case, you can and must have the LORD as your Advocate or Defense Attorney, and it’s for *FREE!

Thus, for assurance of acquittal, even right NOW, you have to make a real, wise and right choice – Repent (180 degrees turn from sin to GOD) and Believe. For a start, just click @ .

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It’s focus is all about HEAVEN or HELL for you and me someday, forever. And I’ve made the wise, right choice – HEAVEN! With solid evidences and compelling truths, this eBook will also help you wisely make your greatest DECISION NOW, so you can surely (*100%) get the greatest JUDGMENT in the final case of your life – YOU will be IN HEAVEN with GOD someday, forever and ever! Hence, it’s not just an eBook, it’s your ultimate eternal Destiny!
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4 Truths in any case

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