Know the future – your future – now!

Did you know that of the 31,124 verses of the Bible, 27% or 8,352 verses contain predictions? This means that Bible prophecy is crucial in God’s plan for mankind – you, others and me.

According to Dr. John Walvoord, a prophecy scholar, the Bible contains about 1,000 prophecies of which around 500 prophecies have already been fulfilled. And the Bible has an amazing track record or a batting average of 1.000 – 100% accuracy in fulfilling its prophecies 100% of the time.

Because the God of the Bible is present in all places at all times, knows everything and possesses all power, He is able to fulfill all of His prophecies as written in His book – the Bible. Hence, Bible prophecy is very important because it allows us to know how our world’s history (and even your story and mine) will end.

Bible prophecy is history written in advance for us to know – to be forwarned and to be forarmed. It is the proclamation of the will of the all-knowing, ever-present and all-powerful God, both in the near term (or forthtelling) and in the future (or foretelling).

Like watching a suspense-thriller movie, if you know the ending, then you need not fear and have tension or anxiety as you watch it. Same is true with our future.

In his love, God has given each one of us these key Bible prophecies that are yet to come, but will surely be fulfilled in due time, in order for us to make a wise and right choice with respect to our ultimate eternal Destiny or where we will spend the rest of our lives in perpetuity. In this regard, let us help you make the wise and right choice.

1.  The Rapture (meaning “caught up”) is the snatching away or the sudden departure of Believers, living and those who have physically died, to meet Jesus Christ in the air at an imminent time in the future. They will be instantly provided with glorified or immortal bodies and will not taste spiritual death, known as the second death in Hell or Lake of Fire. (1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18).

2.  The Judgment Seat of Christ is the place where and the time when all Believers will receive their rewards or crowns in Heaven for the quality of their lives and the good works they have done here on earth. (2 Corinthians 5: 9-10).

3.  The Marriage of the Lamb in Heaven is the eternal union of the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, and His Bride, the Church or all Believers (Revelation 19: 7-9) so that together, they will have a fellowship of love and will reign over God’s creation for all eternity.

4.  The Temple is rebuilt in Jerusalem and Israelites will again perform animal sacrifices as atonement for their sins. The Antichrist will make a peace treaty with Israel (Daniel 9: 27) but he will break it after 3 1/2 years. And then, he will set himself as god,  will desecrate the Temple and will persecute and will try to exterminate the Israelites for 3 1/2 years. (2 Thessalonians 2: 4).

5.  The Antichrist is the second person of the unholy trinity (Satan is the first), who embodies evil and is the key agent of Satan who will resist God’s plan in the last days. (I John 2: 18-22). He will try to rule the whole world (politically, economically and religiously) by masquerading as Jesus Christ. (Revelation 13: 1-10). Eventually, he will be thrown alive into the Lake of Fire during the second coming of Jesus Christ. (Revelation 19: 20)

6.  The False Prophet is the third person of the unholy trinity who will mimic or try to copy the works of the Holy Spirit. He will deceive men to worship the Antichrist, perform great miracles like giving breath to the image of the Antichrist, kill his opponents, and seal Unbelievers (for their doom) by putting a mark, 666, on their right hand or forehead. (Revelation 13: 11-18). Like the Antichrist, the False Prophet will also be thrown alive into the Lake of Fire during the second coming of Jesus Christ. (Revelation 19: 20).

7.  144,000 Israelites are sealed on the foreheads as servants of God. Coming from the 12 tribes of Israel (12,000 each), they are converted in their faith like Paul, a Jew and the apostle of the Gentiles. Then, they will passionately share the gospel of God’s kingdom, Jesus Christ, to the Israelites and to various people of the world resulting in multitudes of saints and martyrs. (Revelation 7: 1- 8).

8.  The 2 Witnesses of God will prophesy for 1,260 days, destroy their enemies by fire, will shut up the sky so it will not rain, turn waters into blood, and strike the earth with every kind of plague. They will be killed by the Antichrist and all nations will rejoice and view their dead bodies for 3 1/ 2 days. After which, they will come back to life and ascend to Heaven in full view of all nations. (Revelation 11: 3-13).

9.  The Great Tribulation is the period of unprecedented and intense suffering here on earth. (Mark 13: 19). Also known as the seventieth week (Daniel 9: 24-27) or the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30: 7), it is the outpouring of God’s wrath (war, famine, plague, earthquake, hail, fire, storm, torture from stings, sores, darkness, intense heat, diseases, and others) on the earth via seven seals, seven trumpets and seven bowls. At least 1/2 of the world’s total population will be killed during this horrific period of 7 years. (Revelation 6 – 16, Matthew 24: 1-22).

10. Babylon (religious and political) is destroyed. She is the mother of prostitutes and idol worship everywhere in the whole world. She is also a blasphemous and bloody harlot, the universal false church and the wicked bride of Satan. She is the great city which sits on 7 hills and rules over the kings of the earth. (Revelation 17 and 18).

11. The Battle of Armageddon in the plain of Megiddo is the biggest, boldest, bloodiest, but shortest battle of all times. Armies of various nations (at least 200 million) will gather in Israel to conquer and to fight against each other. However, when they see Jesus Christ coming with His armies (Believers and angels), they will join forces toward their instant destruction. Blood as high as the horse’s bridle will flow for a distance of about 300 kilometers. (Revelation 14: 14-30. 16: 16, 19: 11-21, Joel 3: 2, 9-16, Zechariah 12: 2, 14: 2, 3, 12).

 12. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ – in power and glory  as THE KING OF KINGS and THE LORD OF LORDS who will judge the living and the dead – is an unknown time in the future to fulfill God’s promises and prophecies, to save Israel and for Him to reign here on earth in Jerusalem. (John 14: 3, Acts 1: 11). This is the climax of human history and the crowning glory of all Bible prophecies.

 13. All Israel will be saved. By His mercy and grace, God will protect and save Israel, the apple of His eye from genocide in the hands of the Antichrist. A remnant will remain. And then, God will fulfill His everlasting covenant and promises to Abraham and the Israelites, His chosen people. (Romans 11: 25-32, Zechariah 13: 1-9).

(Note: Satan wants to eradicate Israel because this will make God a liar and he wants to prolong his evil reign here on earth. He has been using various people, from Haman, to Hitler, to Hussein and many nations to do so, but to no avail. If Israel is totally destroyed, then God can no longer fulfill His everlasting covenant and promises to His chosen people, Israel. And therefore, God will be a liar. However, this will not happen because God is all powerful, all knowing, sovereign, and supreme.)

14. The Millennium is a period of 1,000 years wherein Jesus Christ, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, reigns here on earth in righteousness, goodwill, peace, and prosperity. (Revelation 20: 1-11). God will fulfill all His everlasting covenant and promises to Abraham and Israel during this period. Also, at the beginning of  this period, Satan is seized, bound, thrown, and locked up in the Abyss – the bottomless pit – to keep him from deceiving the nations. At end of 1,000 years, Satan will be set free from his prison for a while.

15. The Final Revolt of Satan against Jesus Christ, together with the deceived nations of the earth, will occur during the end of the Millennium. Fire will come down from Heaven and will devour the multitude of rebels. (Revelation 20: 7-9). This simply proves that despite ideal conditions of unprecedented peace and prosperity, the human heart is rebellious and wicked.

And Satan will also be thrown into the Lake of Fire. Together with the Antichrist and the False prophet, they will be tormented day and night forever and ever. (Revelation 20: 10).

16. The Great White Throne Judgment is the place where and the time when all Unbelievers, those who rejected Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, will be judged and will receive their punishment in the Lake of Fire for their unbelief and their life’s sins here on earth. (Revelation 20: 11-15).

17. Hell / The Lake of Fire is the ultimate and eternal destiny of Satan, Antichrist, False Prophet, Demons, and Unbelievers  – those who did not accept the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ for their salvation. (Matthew 10: 28). It is the ultimate unending Pain where all of its occupants are prisoners who can’t escape or be paroled for all eternity.

 18. The Destruction of the Present Earth and Heavens by fire. (2 Peter 3: 10-11). Nothing will be left here on earth except souls of men and the Word of God. That is why God’s primary business here on earth is to win souls of men/women for His kingdom. And great dividends are in store for those who will invest in this God’s business.

19. The New Heaven, New Earth and New Jerusalem is the ultimate and everlasting destination of all Believers, those who accepted the grace of God and have faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and who committed their lives to Him. (Acts 1: 9, Isaiah 65: 17, 2 Peter 3: 13, Revelation 4: 1-11, 21: 1).

20. Eternity – For Unbelievers, they are in the Lake of Fire or Hell with Satan, forever. For Believers, they are in Heaven with God, forever. (Revelation 21: 9 – 22: 5).

Where will you be by then?  But you can choose right Now! Let us help you make the wise and right choice. (please see P.S.)

21. Jesus Christ is Lord of all – All biblical prophecies ultimately point to Jesus Christ – the Spirit of prophecy. He fulfilled major prophecies of the Old Testament and He will surely fulfill all prophecies of the New Testament pertaining to Him. All people, from Adam and Eve up to the last person to be born here on earth, whether they are in Heaven or in Hell, will bow down before Him and will confess with their mouths that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. (Philippians 2: 9-11).

Where will you bow down to Jesus Christ, in Heaven or in Hell? You can decide now for tomorrow may be too late, you may not have time to do so. THE CHOICE: Your Pain of Sacrifice to know the Truth now or Your Pain of Regret tomorrow, forever and ever?

Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. (Revelation 22: 13). “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise.” (Revelation 5: 12). To God be all glory!

As a Believer, take note of these signs, but don’t worry. Just be glad because you are with and in the Son, Jesus Christ.

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