Do you want to read and know your own tested, true “Horoscope”, the one that came from GOD who created the stars?

To prove beyond a shadow of doubt that a book came from GOD is the prophecies (number and quality) it contains and the accuracy of their fulfilment.

Someone counted these for us: Did you know that of the 31,124 verses of the Bible, 8352 verses or 27% of the total contain predictions? The Koran has zero (0) prophecies.

According to Dr. John Walvoord, a prophecy scholar, the Bible contains about 1,000 prophecies of which around half have already been fulfilled. And the Bible has an amazing track record or batting average of 1.000 – 100% accuracy in fulfilling its prophecies 100% of the time.

A sample of very detailed Bible prophecies on the Messiah, written around 1,000 and 500 BC, that were literally fulfilled by Jesus Christ to the dot in 32 AD are: He will be betrayed by a friend (not a relative) for 30 (not 20) pieces of silver (not gold) that will be thrown at the floor (not door) of the Temple and will be used to buy a potter’s (not agricultural) field as burial grounds (not a shopping mall) for foreigners (not Jews). (Psalm 41: 9, Zechariah 11: 12-13).

Because GOD of the Bible is present in all places at all times, knows everything and possesses all power, He is able to share to us and then fulfil all of his prophecies as contained in His Word – The Bible. Hence, BIBLE PROPHECY is simply “HISTORY WRITTEN IN ADVANCE” for us to know, to understand, and to heed.

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Right now, I believe the most important thing for us to know is: WHERE will we be when these sure Bible Prophecies occur? For me, the answer is: We ought to be in GOD’s side when all of these prophecies happen, isn’t it? And I have chosen to be in GOD’s side based on FAITH in Him and His Word. You too can do so, even NOW!

Did you know that when you absolutely, positively want to be in HEAVEN someday – to be in GOD’s side forever – you have to make a real, wise and right choice: Repent (180 degrees turn from sin to GOD) and Believe (have FAITH)?

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Then, you’ll have peace of mind. No more fear of the unknown.

Remember, HEAVEN? (It’s *FREE! And so is HELL.) is not just an eBook, it’s your ultimate eternal Destiny!

So, as a BELIEVER who have FAITH in GOD, His Word and His Prophecies, why not *share this Article to a dear friend so she will also have FAITH to surely (*100%) get to HEAVEN someday, forever?


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